Casino Solitaire - Our Product


Casino Solitaire® creates a new category of gaming products in terms of meeting the needs of today’s social player. We call it an ESC®, an Electronic Social Crossover® gaming device designed to bring new players and new revenue to operators. ESC® games focus on this new player, a younger demographic or people who have little shown little interest in participating in current slot product or table games. We call them the “Social Players”.

Our GLI approved game provides social players with a game they know and understand intimately, given that there are over 2 billion games of solitaire played each and every day on computers, tablets and online. There is no learning curve or intimidation factor for new players.

And Casino Solitaire® provides TOD, “Time-On-Device”, value for players while creating new revenue for the operator that is expected to be between $160 and $300 WPUPD depending on the market and utilization targets for a site.

Not only will Casino Solitaire® appeal to brand new players, it will appeal to your less frequent player bringing them back for more visits or play while they’re onsite by creating more value for dollar during every visit.

The game will have a strong appeal in high denomination slot areas providing a change in current game experience and more customer engagement. As the games average wager increases, the expected WPUPD increases dramatically – giving the operator the ability to earn $800 plus from a new high limit player or extending / creating new play time from high limit social players.

Casino Solitaire®

The start of a new gaming product line, ESC, Electronic Social Crossover Games
New revenues from non-slot or table players
Time-on-device value for players
Incremental play from infrequent players
Familiar solitaire mechanics and interface

Little or no learning curve

Game within a game to drive excitement