Casino Solitaire - Our Team

Casino Soliaire is a game product style created by three individuals who have worked in or around gaming for many years. This game product was created for the casino industry predicated on three major principles:

1) A game that is designed to create greater appeal for casino operators then the traditional casino game styles today, slots and table games
2) A game that provides an enhanced "Time Cost Value" proposition for a player to support a stronger play value for the social player who visits casinos today but finds current gaming product unappealing
3) Take the most popular game in the world with more than 2 billion games played each year and provide an approved game product with real expected outcome to casino operators therefore creating the ability to access Net New Revenue (NNR)

NNR is the foundational benefit for a casino operator, finding ways to grow the current player base by attracting players who currently do not find casino products appealing or creating an experience in a casino game product play that will increase the frequency of visitation from non-loyal customers