Casino Solitaire - The Game

There are over 2 billion games of Solitaire played daily on laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones. You've seen it on the computer screens of many co-workers, friends, people in airports, or even at the receptionists' desks of dentists and doctors. Solitaire is probably one of the best known, and by far, one of the most-played computer PC and Mac games around.

But, it’s a game that has never been in a casino.

We set out to correct this anomaly.

Casino Solitaire® is an exciting slot game that will provide players with more time-on-device, more value and more fun.

Please play the game for free on our site for a chance to win great prizes and check our Locations tab to find out which of your favourite casinos has Casino Solitaire® on their floor.

Have fun and play responsibly.

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